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How to buy solar street lights?

Time2016/9/13 PostedSun-Ray Enterprise Co., Ltd

Sometimes, a lot of clients ask the prices of solar street light and solar garden lights like that" please send me your catalogue and price list".


Actually, for the solar street lights and solar garden lights, we need below points for design and quotation since thesolar radiations are different in different places, and the lighting configuration requests of each client are different:


1. Where is the final installation place (Country & City name)? or tell us the latitude and longitude of lighting place.

    The solar radiation will be checked according to the installation place to ensure the lighting time,

    and save the cost at the same time


2. Lighting time per night & backup rainy or cloudy days?

    The lighting time usually is 8 hours, 10 hours or 12hours, or choose half power design according to actual conditions. 

    Besides, how many backup days under rainy or cloudy weather will be required too.


3. Light pole height, and pole style?

    Please choose your favorite pole style in our solar street lights, and tell us the pole height you need.

    Solar street lights usually adopt light poles from 5M-10M. 


4. The power of light source?

    The light sources for solar street lights are usually 18W~80W LED.


Please contact us for more information, we will reply you in the earliest time!

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