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Why We Develop Solar Lighting?

Time2016/9/13 PostedSun-Ray Enterprise Co., Ltd
At present, the global energy crisis is growing, all countries are looking for new energy to replace the soon exhausted coal, oil and natural gas, which are non-renewable energy on earth, and fortunately we have the inexhaustible solar energy. Solar lighting as a new green lighting, with energy saving, environment-friendly, long life, beautiful, utility and many other advantages, are widely used in roads, gardens, parks, schools, plateau and field, especially in remote areas without electricity, 

Green lighting and energy saving are most concerned by people now. Besides, the world cares on energy supply security and actions to deal with climate change are promoting the rapid worldwide development of solar lighting, solar lighting will become an integral part of human life in the 21st century, and will be the most ideal choice for human lighting.
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