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Relations of road width, LED power and light pole height

Time2016/9/13 PostedSun-Ray Enterprise Co., Ltd

Many customers ask: help me configure 9 meters solar street light with 120W light source, working time 12 hours, to ensure 3 backup rainy days.

Heard this, the first thought of this configuration is too large, a little unreasonable, too costly and impractical!


How to guide our clients?

Firstly, we should ask customers to the installation place (where)? What roads? There are mandatory indexes for project or not? Is it with high or low lighting requirements?

For example: factory lighting

As we all know, high brightness lighting in factory is not necessary, approximately 30 watts LED is ok.

Secondly, ask the road conditions: car lanes, road width, double-sided or single side lighting installation?

For example: 6 m lane width

The 9 meters pole is not necessary for it, 6-7m pole height is sufficient for single side light installation.


High-power LED is divided into:

5M light pole suitable for: 12w ~ 21w (12 15 18 21)

6M light pole suitable for: 21W ~ 30W (21 24 27 30)

7M light pole suitable for: 30W ~ 42W (30 36 42)

8M light pole suitable for: 42W ~ 60W (42 48 54 60)


Lighting installation mode: ratio of light pole height and road width 

1. Unilateral mounted lights: 1: 1

2. Bilateral symmetry: 0.5 ~ 0.6: 1

3. Zigzag installation: 0.7 ~ 0.8: 1


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